Frequently Asked Questions


How dark should your underlayer be?

In this video I discuss Pastel underlayers - How dark to go and also tips for adding details on top.

How to use blending tools & which work best

In these videos I show you how I use pastel blending tools and which work best. More tools options

How to layer Pastel Pencils over soft Pastels

In this video I show you How to layer Pastel Pencils over soft Pastels - using PanPastel, Unison, Faber Castell.

Save your ruined pastel

I show you how to remove pastel

Storing soft pastels

This is how I store my pastel sticks

Pastel primers

Best primers to make pastel paper at home

Pastel Supplies

Basic supplies

Best Pastel Pencils

pastel pencils reviewed

Best Pastel Papers

a review of various pastel papers

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels reviewed

Sharpen pastel pencils

how to sharpen pencils, various methods

Sharpen Pastel pencils - crank handle

Starting pastels - what you need to buy

what you need to know to start

Sharpen pastels by hand

More pastel pencils reviewed

Pastel Papers

Best black pastel pencils

PanPastel toold vs make up tools

Make pastelmat board from paper

Pick the right paper colour for pet portraits

How to tone Pastelmat paper

Pastel fixatives

Pastel fixative - spectrafix

Pastels - are they toxi


Oil painting for beginners - what you need to buy?

Are you confused about "what oil paints to buy" ? here I discuss oil painting supplies, including oil paints, painting canvas, mediums, thinners, brushes etc

How to mix colour with Oils and Acrylic paint

In this video on How to mix any colour with oil and acrylic paint, I show you the simple oil painting techniques, I use to match any colour.

How to varnish an Oil painting

Varnish an oil painting - this works on alkyd oils, and acrylic paintings too.

Glazing for Oil paintings

Glazing Oil painting technique - How to use Liquin

How to paint wet on wet

How to paint wet on wet in Oils.

Preparing a canvas ready to paint with Oils

Sealing the drawing and tonal under-painting

How to paint a tonal under painting

In this video I show you how to paint a tonal under painting.

Glazing fur 15 min lesson

How to paint feathers - 30 min lesson

How to paint an Elephant - 30 min lesson

Painting dark to light

how to paint eyes - lesson

Make a palette at home

Black fur - acrylics vs oils


How to pick the correct colour background for your subjects

In this video I show you how to pick the right coloured background for your pet portraits and wildlife art.

How to find the actual colours in your reference photos

A step by step guide using Pixlr Using Pixlr Using Photoshop