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I am a self taught artist who started drawing/painting after a really long break. I used to draw, paint and create all the time as a child and after school until I started a family. Expensive art supplies and small children don't always mix and life just happened so I didn't paint etc for many years. I started again after being diagnosed with PTSD and my therapist suggest I take up art again as a way to ground myself when the symptoms became too much , I use mainly coloured pencils ( for ease of use), and this christmas my other half treated me to a full set of pitt pastel pencils as I have never used them before and as if learning how to use colour pencils wasn't enough of a challenge.

I draw only animals (hate drawing humans ) and have set myself a challenge to draw, paint all the different breeds of wild cats both big and small ( trust me there are more than you think). I am learning new things all the time and really enjoying myself I even have been lucky enough to have a few commissions. I really admire Jason's work and I aim to produce realism in my work. I am looking forwards to learn new techniques and tips on improving my work, which paper works best and other products available . the first picture was my first attempt with coloured pencils of one of my own cats on cheap toned paper the second (top photo) a more recent piece for my cat series of a ocelot ( ref pixabay) on drafting film to show how practice really does pay off

Sue Moore